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Area of flats

Dathrri Services Hyderabad       Areas of open plots or flats Area of plots :- The area of place ,which cover by closet diagram, bounders.  The measurements of area is in square feets,yards,meters ect If length,breath are in feet,yards. meters                            …

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Check list

Dathrri Services Hyderabad                                                                           Check list When  purchasing house, We observe 6 types of  most impotent things. Zones Location…

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UDS Calculation

Dathrri services   Hyderabad Undivided Share    Any person purchasing flat, the value of flat dependents on UDS ( Undivided share) All flats owners  now the calculation  of UDS. To construe apartment need land, The builder or co-op society purchases land from land owner to built apartment. The builder gives land flat owners as proportion ratio …

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                                                        Lengths  Every person uses this measurements  in daily life and when purchasing properties. It is essential to now. L.Manik Reddy                ... Read More