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      Areas of open plots or flats

Area of plots :- The area of place ,which cover by closet diagram, bounders. 

The measurements of area is in square feets,yards,meters ect If length,breath are in feet,yards. meters

                                                           A= area   L=length  B=breath
                                                                      A=LxB sq units

Carpet Area =”The area covered by flats outer walls.(excluded walls of inner and outer ) 

                                          According to RERA ( Real Estate Regularity Authority )

         Carpet area +internal walls (Exclude the balcony, terrace or dry area.)

Built up area= Carpet area+thickness of all walls + balcony

( Built up area excludes;lift area, staircase, clubhouse, swimming pool ect)

Built up area is 10% to 15% more then carpet area.
Super Built up area= Built up area +Proportional share of common area such as Lobbies, lift shafts, club house and other covered facilities.. 
If excludes area such as play area, garden , park, roof terrace .
Super built up area is 20% to 25% more than the carpet area.
Set back area = Plot area – Building area.( 4 fts,or more)


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