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L.Manik Reddy M D

L.Manik Reddy
Dathrri Services

When  purchasing house, We observe 6 types of  most impotent things.

  1. Zones
  2. Location
  3. permissions
  4. Documents
  5. Price
  6. RERA

1 Zone

Purchase in residential zone.


Two things observe  in location
A) A project with quality employment  or contraction
B) Transport facility ;Roads and  connectivity.


Taken permission from 1)HMDA( Hyderabad metro development authority)
2) DTDP ( Directorate of town and country planning)
3) YTDA(Yadadre temple development authority) ect,

4) Documents

5) Price

6) RERA ( Real Estate Regulatory  Authority)

Observe  Registration of  builder,company, and agent . under RERA act.


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