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The loan taking from banks or finance institutions is calculation of EMI  for home, personal loans.
EMI= ( Equated  monthly  installment)

Calculation\quad of\quad EMI\\ Calculation\quad per\quad EMI=\frac { pr{ \left( 1+r \right) }^{ n } }{ { \left( 1+r \right) }^{ n\quad }-1 } \\ P=\quad Principle\quad amount\\ R=Rate\quad of\quad intresete\quad per\quad month\\ N=Tenure\quad in\quad months.\quad
Example    Principal Amount  =2,00,000/-
Rate of interest =9.5% pa
Tenure =24 months (2 years)

Method     1

Calculating = Principle  amount X Interest/ 100

                = 200000X9.5/100


I                                 interest = 19000/1.819    (Divided by 1.819 )


                        Total amount = principle amount + Interest/ tenure


EMI=Rs 8769/-

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EMI Calucation

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