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The most of peoples have desire  to own house.For fulfill this desire,so many financial institutions and

banks help to purchase or construction   house. For take loan, required information and documents given here.

L.Manik Reddy M D

L.Manik Reddy
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The interest rate is  from 6.5 to 10 p a.

The age between from 18 years to 60 years.

Generally, the home loan gives Two types of persons.

They are 1) Salary employees.

2) Self employees.

In self employees, there are two types 1) Self employees (Educational  Professions)

Example; Doctors, engineers, charted accouters,lawyers etc

2) Self employees (skills professions)

Example: carpenters, welders, barbers,own shops  etc

All persons required below documents

1 )KYC (know your customer)

2) Income proof.

3) address proof

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Document for salary persons

1)Know your customer documentes

Adhara card, employ id card, Driving licence, Voter Id card, Passport ect

2) Income proof

Salary certificate, last 3/6 months bank statements, salary slips, Last two years form no 16( income tax)

3) Address proof

Rental agreement, water bill, current bill, bank pass book xerax with address proof, ect

2) Self employ all catogiries

  1. Kyc and address proof same to above

Income proof

Certificates of prepositional (Docters, CAs, Engeenerings ect )

Last 3 years income tax Returns,GST Returns, 1year bank statements, ect

Home Lone 

L.Manik Reddy


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