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Revenue Terminology In English 

Common Terminology in Revenue Department*
* Village Kantham  The land that was allotted to the people living in the village is called village Kantham. This is a joint place of the village. Government meetings and meetings can also be arranged in this. Village Kantham land details will be in Panchayat records.

* Assigned Land  Land granted by the government to cultivate and build houses for the poor without land. This should be experienced as a inheritance, but cannot be sold and replaced by others.

* Ayakattu  The entire expansion of the land that goes under a water source is called Ayakattu.

* Banjaru land (Bancharami)  The land that was empty in the area of the village and mandal for the sake of the people’s needs. This is referred to as special signs in revenue records.

* Agrharam  In the past, the village which was given to the Brahmins with less discipline without discipline or some of it is called Agrharam.

* Devall Inam  Temple Inam Land. Land allotted in the name of priests and temple for the management of temples.

* Adangal (Pahani)  The register for the details of the cultivation lands in the village is called Adangal (Pahani). In Andhra Pradesh, it is called Adangal, and in Telangana it is called Pahani. This has all the history of the earth. Buy, sell and cultivation of lands will always be registered in this.

* Tari  cultivation land

* khushki  metta area

* get  farm limit

* Kauldar  the one who takes the land to the cave

* Kamatam  Earth expansion

* ilaka  area

* Inam  Land given by the government by identifying the services

* Balotha Inam  The land given by the government to the poor Dalits who do not have land

* Sarfekhas  Nizam Nawab own land

* ceiling  land max limit

* Survey number  allotted for land identity

* Naksha  A picture that shows the details of the lands

* Occupy  man who keeps the land under his control and enjoys it

* Encombrance Certificate (EC)  Certificate that shows the landscape. A survey number under 32 years is called EC that shows the transactions that happened to land.

* Field Majorment (FMB) book  also known as FMB teepan. FMB is a part of village revenue records. It contains all the survey numbers, drapes and sizes in the village.

* Bandobastu  Surveying and classifying agricultural lands is called Bandobastu.

* Bee memo  A man who occupies and cultivates government land is called B memo.

* Poramboku  Lands that are not useful for farming by the time survey is done on lands. This is also a government land.

* Faisal Patti  Transfer Register

* Chowfasla  A farmer in a revenue village has a record of tax exposure of different surveillance lands.

* Diglat  Permanent A-Register printed in Telugu and English languages.

* Virasat / Fauti  Providing land rights to his heirs after the landlord dies.

* Cultivation of a bit 

* minjumule  the whole earth.

* mart gauge  shaking land for loan.

* Moca  Field level inspection (spot in spec).

* Pattadaru pass book  A book that shows the land rights of the farmers.

* Title deed  Land rights document with RDO signature.

* ROR (Records of Rights)  Land Ownership Rights Register.

* RSR  Re-settlement Register or Permanent A Register.

* Perminent Register  Register that determines the land discipline by survey numbers. Sethwar has introduced this in place.

* Sethwar  The first time land survey done by Revenue villages, the register that gives details of the patterns. This is in effect until 1953 The next khasra pahani is available.

* Sadabainama  Agreement to be written on white paper regarding buying and selling of land.

* Documentary  Documentary that shows transactions such as buying, selling, and giving of lands.

* Acre  Measurement of land expansion. 4840 square yards of land, 100 cents (48.4 yards per cent), 40 pits (121 yards per pit) are called an acre. In Andhra region, it is called as a thug in Telangana.

* abi  rainy season crop

* Abadi  Houses or residential places in the village

* assignment  exclusively made land

* Shikham  Lake water storage area

* Bevars  If you don’t know who the owner is, it is called Bevars Land.

* Two crops  The land where two crops grow

* Fasali  July 1 to 12 months period is called Fasali.

* nala  non agriculture land

* Resignation Land  The land that has been voluntarily ruled by the government

* Inam Dastar Daan  The land that gives praise to praises

* Khasrapahani  Pahani who has changed the land records on the name of a person in the joint family.

* gyron  social poramboku

* Yek Rar Nama  Agreement of villages to take surveyor from the elders of two villages…..

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